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Str8Thug worshiped by 2 faggots – feet – ass – cock

2slavesSee Video Here

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New Str8ThugMaster Videos!

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New DJ Joins The Str8Thug Crew… New Video Released!



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Coming Soon: DJ joins the Str8Thug.com Crew!


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Thank You! Your Votes Made me Sexiest Nerd! We Won!

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Str8ThugMaster 2017 Calendar

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New Str8ThugMaster – Monday

generated_Monday_16344408SEE HERE


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Saturday Morning Wood

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New Camera – New Str8ThugMaster Videos!

New Str8ThugMaster – New Camera High Resolution – Morning’s at The Office: Thursday 9/1/2016

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Str8ThugMaster has been working out this Summer

Getting Ready to Make New Videos







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I’m Making Slave Suck My Friends Cocks

generated_16093716CLICK HERE FOR XXX VERSION

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New Membership! Full Library* Str8ThugMaster, TwistedRed & Friends

See the New Str8Thug membership! Includes all the Videos including Str8ThugMaster, New & Old… Twisted Evil College Boy Red, Master Sarge, 18 year old Master Rod, and Long Dick Johnny Knox!


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ThugFeet.com New Videos With Str8ThugMaster

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My Natural Born Dick Sucker

All you fags love looking at my hot body and big thick cock. But you can’t even get me hard. You all are bitches, but you ain’t got no pussy. It’s all about the pussy. So I put on Str8 Porn… Sit back, have my slave suck my big dick… and you can wish it was you suckin it. Hot up close video.. I talk to YOU a lot in this one!


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Faggot Abuse Party! Str8ThugMaster – Evil Red – Master Rod

Str8ThugMaster, Evil College Boy Red and Master Rod come together in their first video starring all three of them. Of course Str8ThugMaster is rapping, while pig lays naked in the tub waiting for the Str8Thugs to come in and spit on and humiliate him. Piss scenes are edited to conform to Clips4Sale Rules. They then make the faggot pig worship suck and clean their feet. They laugh and humiliate the homo and make him suck cock, sniff farts and lick asshole before feeding cum.  HOT & Humiliating!


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From The Vault: Hoodies – Str8ThugMaster Thick Dick

generated_15910350See It Click Here

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Brand New Str8ThugMaster! G.D. = Good Dick!

I go over to My New Office where faggot PIg waits to sniff my feet, smell my ass, and Suck and suck and suck My Big Cock. I watch straight porn and talk to you as I humiliate him . Check out bigger muscles and My Thick hard cock. Lucky Faggot gets a mouthful of cum.

Click Here To See Full XXX Version


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Str8ThugMaster Taking Orders For Custom Videos!

Want a Custom Video?  You write the script!  I can do it Solo or use slave.  Write me at custom@str8thug.com I will give you a price.  Or if you want socks, underwear, pics, skype session…


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Piss & Cum Soaked Undewear – Big Dick Str8ThugMaster

generated_15629932SEE IT HERE

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There’s a Homo In The Toilet!

I lift the toilet seat to find my nasty horny gay faggot pig slave waiting in the toilet to lick clean my ass hole. Nasty raunchy action.

generated_15562468CLICK TO VIEW

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Dick 4 Dollars Ass 4 Cash – choke on Big Cock Faggot

I need My damn rent. I know a faggot that loves to pay to suck my big dick. but first I make the nasty homo pay to sniff my ass, then pay again to lick it clean… I know he’ll pay anything I want if I choke him with my big cock… ha! ha! ha! nasty dumb faggot bitch!

generated_15551368 (1)Click Here To View

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Str8ThugMaster: Sex Therapist

Having trouble in the bedroom with your Master or slave? Use the services of Str8ThugMaster: Sex Therapist! Peek in at a real life session!


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New Release – Str8ThugMaster – Available NOW!

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See My NEW Vids & Worship!

IMG_1231 copyClick here to see VIDEOS

IMG_1327 copy_1Click here to see VIDEOS

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Sarge! Perfect Abs… Huge Cock & Feet… Loves to Use Faggots!



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Twisted Red Humiliates You – Vocal insults From Jacking College Boy HD

Hey you lucky fags. This one I set up the cam and talk right to you as I strip. I talk about how sick you are, how you love to suck dick. How you want to sniff this hot asshole. Then I Jack Out a Load and show you the cum you want so bad close up. Hot Nasty One on One Action!

generated_15345489Click Here To View

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Str8ThugMaster & TwistedRed

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Barely 18 Year Old Rod Makes Faggot Lick Asshole!

You Asked For It – He does it!

generated_15086281Click Here To See This Tag Team Nasty Video!

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Master Rod’s #8 Secret Butt Audition! Yummy butt!

From GayPigSlave: When Str8ThugMaster or Master Red bring a new model for me to work with, I know Im going to be drinking from them, sucking cock, licking feet, sucking down spit and cleaning asshole. So Before we even start I like to get a good look and smell of their butt… make sure I like it. So each new model all of them… I get them alone and get a good look and smell of their hot young delicious straight asses! Here is a secret behind the scenes video of me deciding That 18 year old Rod is going to work out just fine!

Click here to see the FULL XXX VIDEO!


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Str8ThugMaster Uncut Raw Solos


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Str8ThugMaster Clips Now Available!

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Hick Spit – New Nasty Humiliating Video

If you like Hicks and You like spit… You will love This NASTY video filled with constant spit. I start off with globs solo. Next I spit on my shoes and have slave spit clean my shoes. Then I spit on my feet, and he licks it off. I stop to spit in his faggot mouth. I talk to you about me being a hick and you being a fag as I cover my Big Cock with spit and shove it down his throat. Then I scoop gobs out of my hot Str8boy mouth and rub it all in my stinky ass hole and pig licks the spit out my dirty ass. This is a spit movie like no other. If you don’t think you want spit in your faggot mouth, watch this video… you will want mine when you are done.


click here for full version and preview

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NEW! Rod Returns to Fuck Ass Taste Down Faggot Throat!

generated_15011943See Full Version Here

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Str8ThugMaster – Evil College Boy Red – Rod – Sarge – Stones & pig

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Introducing 18 Year Old Master Rod – His First Time!



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DAMN! 18 YEAR OLD MASTER ROD’S FIRST VIDEO HITS #1 IN 20 HOURS! See what all the fuss is about!

rod___1Click here to see his #1 Gay Video

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Lick That Dirty Stinky Arm Pit Clean Faggot – Evil College Boy Red





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