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From The Vault, Vintage, The first, the best, the video history of Str8ThugMaster from living on the Streets of Memphis to Winning The Hottest Man Dead or Alive 14 years straight from the Unofficial Gay Pig Slaves Association (UGPSA)


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Recent VIdeos Including Evil College Boy Red, Master Rod, Johnny Knox, Sarge, gaypigslave and of course Str8ThugMaster .  These videos come to the present day.  If you Like Str8ThugCock... Your found the right place


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Evil College Boy Red shows that college boys know how to use and abuse faggots for amusement too.  Besides doing everything under the sun as Str8Thug instructed, Red wears his socks for months... and laughs at the pig, he also brings Sarge, Rod, Blu, G, to give the homo what he needs. -- adult entertainment gay video gay teen boys

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