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The One and Only

Evil College Boy Red

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AKA TwistedRed handpicked by Str8ThugMaster to come use and abuse gaypigslave.

Master Cody Gold

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The Beautiful Mysterious 18 year old Golden Boy: Naked Workouts, Dirty Feet Washing, Urine & Cum Skin Treatment... All leading to big fat hard cock Jacked Off While You Faggots are humiliated  

Johnny Knox

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Long dick Johnny Knox owes Str8Thug some cash.  There is one way Johnny knows he can earn it...  fucks gay pig slave over and over faggot likes his asshole sore.  Johnny fucks him all over the room.  He also  gives him big dick to suck on all day, and sits on his "pathetic face" and gets his dirty ass hole cleaned by the homo.

Master Rod McClean

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18 year Old, blonde, blue eyed learns what using faggots for amusement is all about   He had heard about Evil Red's sex slave,  and goes and hangs out at Reds.  After everyone is asleep, he takes pig in the kitchen... and Let's him suck big dick.  He  has grown very fond of gay pig slaves toothless mouth and his cock sucking abilities


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Sarge Has been a huge hit.  He is 20 and it was the first time he has used a faggot too.. You wouldn't know it though! He and Red get together a few times and  rub their stinky feet on his face and let him worship. ALways ending up pushing slaves head down on each other.  They take advantage of the situation, choke pig on big cock, face fuck him, and laugh as he licks ass clean!


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18 Year Green decided to blow off the basketball game with Blu and see what all this talk about Red's dick sucking ass licking sex slave was all about!  He Loves watching his cousin humiliate the pig that sucks his feet, sniffs his butt, and sucks out a big load of cum.  He & his Cousin Blu tell Evil Red they want to take pig home with them!   


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Blu came by and made a video with Red, first time he let a faggot suck his big cock.  "Damn that white boy can suck some dick!"  He stopped by for a couple more blows before returning with his cousin, they were supposed to be playing basket ball, but decided humiliating a faggot was more fun. Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Vocal loud and laughing cock sucking cum eating.

DJ Slave

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 What do you do if you win the lottery? Give it to Str8ThugMaster and get beat by him and fucked with a huge dildo!  Brush With Fame Series.  Also see Str8ThugMaster get worshiped by two salves at once.  One on each foot - then one licking ass and the other sucking cock...while Str8Thug keeps turning so both faggots get his ass taste fucked down their throats.


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Unfortunately the bulk of the videos Tyrese made using gay pig slave were stolen as we left Arizona.  We are trying to locate anyone who bought them and still has them.  ALSO: WILL TYRESE BE BACK BEFORE CHRISTMAS?  What would you like to see him LET horny pig slave do?  you can join for free and see The 1 Tyrese AD we have.  sign up for $19.99 and see all my videos and photos! - Str8ThugMaster


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Str8ThugMasters Obediant Slave.  Servicing his Master everday for 14 years.  Does what ever Str8Thug tells him to do, Suck cocks, clean dirty ass, rub feet, drink piss... This slave has been trained by the best!  Also known as "The Luckiest Slave On The Planet"

GayPigSlave's slave

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Is it your dream to service all these hot str8 guys on a regular basis?  Do you yearn to be used and abused in every way possible by strong str8 men?  There is 1 way to reach this goal, become GayPigsSlave's slave.  Your first order of duty will be to service pig.  Once you prove yourself you will be taught how each of us like it. We are looking for a young, 18 - 25,  slim, short, blonde cock boy. If you are willing, that is the main qualkification. If you a lil fat, with brown hair, 26... Send in your information if you want to become the new bottom slave.  Email: -- adults only adult entertainment gay thugs

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