Hard, hairy, muscled and glistening with the sweat of a hard days labor under the autumn sun, these Workmen toil hard, with long hours and manual labor giving them the types of bodies we lust after on a daily basis. With hairy chests bursting with each swing of the axe or greased up mechanics pumping engines, its a non-stop ride of exactly what men do best! From lumberjacks to water technicians, soaked and ready to show us what theyve got, the sexy work gear slowly comes off as they get distracted by the earthly scent of sweat coming off each man and their dicks start to twitch, just as ours do! As the sun slowly goes across the sky, the light bouncing off these toned torsos and giant dicks sliding into hungry butts gives us one of the most atmospheric and totally spunk worthy Alphamales of recent years!

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Stars: Sergi Rodriguez Kayden Gray Michel Rudin Dirk Caber Dolan Wolf

Categories: Anal Safe Sex High Definition Outdoors Gay Muscles International Euro

Studio Name: Alphamales Studio

Source: New Release

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