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Working Stiffs cover

Working Stiffs cover

The day drags on, the stress rising as things get harder. You need to release the tension, and what better way than by taking advantage of the Working Stiffs in front of you? Join Hunter Marx as he and his co-workers come to blows with each other in an office unlike any other. Taking a break to ease the ache in his crotch, Thomas watches porn… and gets caught by boss Adam Russo, who happily offers him the real thing. After cleaning up a project, Jimmy Durano cant keep his eyes off Justin Beals ass which soon becomes his reward for a job well done. The boardroom heats up when executive Landon Conrad exerts his authority – only to have subordinate Hunter Marx come out on top.

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Stars: Jimmy Durano Hunter Marx Landon Conrad Justin Beal Adam Russo Thomas

Categories: Blue Collar High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Titan Media

Source: New Release

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