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Chase Young stopped by after his morning run and I couldn’t help but notice his thick dick hanging out of his shorts. I went to work on his cock and balls, and got him hard as a rock, then tossed him on the bed and continued to work his huge prick. I couldn’t wait to eat his ass and it was heaven.

Chance Logan is adorable! He’s full of laughs and soon my mouth is full of his cock. Chance lays down on the bed and I swallow him down to his balls. My young friend tastes amazing, especially his hole.

18 year old Trent Jacobs is on a bar set in a studio, and he’s got me drunk with lust. Just look at those bedroom eyes! Trent is packing some serious meat. I suck and jack Trent until he is rock hard. Then I get him up on the bar where I dine on his sweet little hole. Trent uses my face as he pleases and then jerks himself off to a creamy finish.

It’s Kyler Ash’s first day at Jake Cruise Media and Jake himself comes over to explicitly go over the rules on sexual harassment. Jake gives Kyler a very hands on approach about not breaking any of the rules. Kyler appreciates all the extra time Jake spends with him and shows it by giving Jake a mouthful of his warm cum. Believe it or not, that is not only allowed, it’s encouraged in the Jake Cruise Media handbook.

Bonus extra – Josh Gatlin, a cute small town 19-year-old makes quite a debut in a solo.

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Stars: Kyler Ash Jake Cruise

Categories: High Definition Twink Gay Mature Amateur

Studio Name: Jake Cruise Media

Source: New Release

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