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Turning On Dylan Strokes cover

Turning On Dylan Strokes cover

This started out as me tying up my pup boys and then placing a lampshade over their heads to give them the illusion of anonymity, discretion, a claustrophobic space. Being contained inside ones own mind comes with the comfort of being in ones own space or headspace.

The metaphoric turning on of the human lamp, whom holds a light gag in his mouth while blindfolded, serves the purpose of visually representing the sexual energy. The bound victim feels less intimidated by outside strength and every little brush of skin heats up his senses in a bright, colorful way. Beautiful patterns project from the sex lamp casting onto my body as if to give back the sexual energy it is receiving from its user.

My good friend Alaska Thunderfuck, who you may have seen on Repauls Drag Race, plays the voyeur who watches from the cupboard. This film expresses a bit of macrophilia, a giantism fetish, with Alaska being larger than us. Her gaze is dominating and that drives the scene to proceed to climax.

Dylan Strokes shoots a massive load after being fucked and milked with only one hour to get off.

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Stars: Alaska Thunderfuck Dylan Strokes

Categories: High Definition Pigs Anal Bareback Gay

Studio Name: Michael Phoenixxx

Source: New Release

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