ThrillR cover

ThrillR cover

Pride Studios is proud to present ThrillR, a bone-chilling, boner-thrilling compilation of six sex stories with a dark edge. Masked madman Doug stalks his prey into a public bathroom, but the only weapon he’ll use to penetrate Hunter’s flesh is his huge dick. Twinks Brett and Andrew fuck, unaware of the voyeuristic stranger watching them all the while. Robber James breaks into Trenton’s house and gets a dangerous surprise when Trenton turns the tables and powerfucks his ass to teach the thief a lesson. Jake and Phenix bite off more than they can chew when a carnal ritual to summon a demon makes them slaves to him for all eternity. Zombie lovers Tony and Isaac wake to find a whole new hunger has taken hold of them, a hunger for cock and ass. In the cover of the night, the darkest sides of us come out to play. Who will you play with tonight? A Pride Studios original series.

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Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Twink Gay Feature

Studio Name: Pride Studios

Source: New Release

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