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18 videos for $49.99 – College Boy Weekend! Save Hundreds!

Never Before Offered – Twisted Red Weekend Special

1. Farts & Cum 1 = Evil College Boy Red Loves to face fuck his pig. He also loves to get his dirty ass licked clean bu his gay pig slave. But Most Of all… Evil College Boy Red LOVES to push out stinky farts in his faggots mouth. Watch Evil College Boy Red Use and Abuse his gay pig slave… and then feed him a load of cum! Extreme Real & Nasty!

2. Red & Rod 1 = Evil College Boy Red Here. My 18 year old friend Rod comes by and doesn’t believe I have a gay slave. When I take a nap… he decides to find out for himself… and tapes it! Hot, Real, and Nasty! I think Rod’s gonna be stopping by quite a bit!

3. Red’s Guide to Eating Farts = I show you how to train your faggot pig how to want and love your stinky farts. Teach him to inhale them deep. I strip naked and fart in my pigs mouth, showing you how. I also feed him hard cock and make him clean dirty ass hole. Of course he worships my stinky sock feet too. Watch and learn how Master’d and slaves play!

4. Rod’s butt audition = From GayPigSlave: When Master Red or Str8ThugMaster bring a new model for me to work worth, I know Im going to be drinking from them, sucking cock, licking feet, sucking down spit and cleaning asshole. So Before we even start I like to get a good look and smell of their butt… make sure I like it. So each model,, all of them… I get them alone and get a good look and smell of their hot young delicious straight asses! Here is a secret behind the scenes video of me deciding That 18 year old Rod is going to work out just fine!

5. Feet Farts Face Fucking Fun = First I put my stinky feet on faggot face and fuck him with a Big Black Dildo. Then I face fuck the lil queer and make him lick my ass. Then its fart time. I feed the nasty bitch fart after fart right in his mouth closeup. Spitting throughout the video and very vocal. Watch how to use a pig.

6. Red’s guide to Eating Ass 2 = Evil College Boy Red Shows you how to teach your Gay Pig to Eat Stinky Ass hole. . Even More positions explored in PART 2

7. Slave gets Ass & Throat Fucked = Evil College Boy Red starts out by showing his ass.. and telling all the faggots watching to shove their dildos up their butts while they stare at it… Then he gets his pig slave and does just that… has him sniff and lick his sweet str8 butt and then shoves a big black dildo way up his butt and restrains him and face fucks him all at the same time… finally he lets the pig suck his cock off and cums all over his face.

8. My Homo = Evil College Boy Red at His BEST! Vocal and humiliating! Works over slave like never before! Foot worship, butt sniffing … INTENSE LONG ASS CLEANING, including upside down… humiliating face fucking and dick sucking and more ass cleaning and finally a load of cum into faggots mouth. Watch Evil College Boy Red’s Latest.. He’s Looking GREAT!

9. Red & Sarge 2:  Sarge Returns = So many people wrote in about Sarge that we have decided to make more videos with him. Many people requested that I make pig sniff and lick his ass hole. SO we do… that and everything else… lots of camera angles and lots of pig humiliation! This is the best one yet guys! Watch us use and abuse this this faggot: Foot worship Face fucking, ass sniffing, ass eating and cleaning. forced dick sucking two straight guys humiliate this lucky nasty pig! Extreme Vocal Action! 53 minutes

10. Evil College Boy Farts & Cum Volume 4 = I let faggot sniff and worship feet, then eat farts and lick asshole – and feed him cum. lucky homo.

11. Red & Rod 2 – Service Us Faggot = With His first Video still in the #1 Position for most purchased gay video, Rod’s second video Rod and Red is Here! Evil College Boy Red Teases Master Rod about getting blown by his faggot pig slave the night before. Then Its time to use this faggot and Red makes him sniff and then suck on Rod’s feet. Then Its Red’s feet.. Red’s Ass needs to be cleaned and he shows Rod how his pig loves to eat his stinky farts and clean asshole. Next he makes him suck Rod’s big cock and soon pig is swallowing cum. Then it more ass cleaning and fart sniffing and Rod becomes the camera man as Red covers gay pig slaves face and mouth with cum. Another hot Nasty Video.

12. Restrained & Drained 3 = Evil College Boy Red finds himself restrained on Homos bed in cute lil blue string bikinis. FACE DOWN. Homo says he will free him after he gets a mouth full of cum. Red fights and pulls and does everything he can to get away. Sick slave licks his feet and legs and smells his ass, and gets out some scissors and cuts the bikinis right off him. Red uses the one thing he can to try to keep the dirty homo away from him… FARTS! LOTS OF FARTS! you After a while, Red finally gives in and cums

13. Red & Rod 3 – Presents for Pig – 4 feet 2 cocks 4 Pits 2 loads = They’re Back! This time for 85 minutes! Evil College Boy Red shows Master Rod New Things you can do with his faggot pig slave. They start with making him worship feet. Then For a first time – Rod id very surprised to learn about having a horny dirty faggot clean rank stinky armpits until they shine! The way these 2 Str8Boy God’s talk to each other and interact as the more experienced one shows him the ropes is Hot as Hell! After they humiliate the faggot some more, Rod sits down and learns more about getting his big cock services by pig mouth. after he shoots a big load down the faggots throat, he takes the camera from Red while he jacks a huge cum load into the Homo’s sperm hungry Mouth. These 2 hot young Thugs are making the most awesome faggot abuse videos ever done! You will love this!

14. Red Breaks Free =  Evil College Boy Red Find himself restrained again and pigs is smelling his feet and then sucking on his cock. Red struggles to get free… and does! He takes the belt to gay pig slave and shoves a long black dildo up his ass then down his faggot throat. hot!

15. Restrained Str8’s – Sarge = Sarge is restrained and humiliated. Sarge and Evil College Boy Red hot young Str8 Thugs.

16. Hick Spit – extreme spit & cum = If you like Hicks and You like spit… You will love This NASTY video filled with constant spit. I start off with globs solo. Next I spit on my shoes and have slave spit clean my shoes. Then I spit on my feet, and he licks it off. I stop to spit in his faggot mouth. I talk to you about me being a hick and you being a fag as I cover my Big Cock with spit and shove it down his throat. Then I scoop gobs out of my hot Str8boy mouth and rub it all in my stinky ass hole and pig licks the spit out my dirty ass. This is a spit movie like no other. If you don’t think you want spit in your faggot mouth, watch this video… you will want mine when you are done.

17. Face sitting ass cleaning = This horny Slave Loves It when I sit on his face. I get out the rim chair let him smell some… then I bare ass and have him clean and clean and clean. This dirty nasty faggot licks my dirty ass hole shiny clean and sucks down every fart I let out in his fagot face. nasty raunchy

18. Twisted Red Humiliates You = Hey you lucky fags. This one I set up the cam and talk right to you as I strip. I talk about how sick you are, how you love to suck dick. How you want to sniff this hot asshole. Then I Jack Out a Load and show you the cum you want so bad close up. Hot Nasty One on One Action!

These videos are in 320 x 240 to fit under the 4 GB limit.  Great for phones.  video length is 597 minutes


Never Before Offered – Twisted Red Weekend Special



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