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Swaggers 5: Certified Dick Slayer cover

Swaggers 5: Certified Dick Slayer cover

Keith Kush is trying to mind his own business but Chase Carter gets all up in his face and places him under arrest for trespassing. The two smoke up and Chase makes Keith his bitch. Chase fucks that hole all day long till Keith busts a fat nut all over himself and then it’s Chase’s turn to reward Keith with a sloppy one straight on his face!

Carlos kicks J-Rock’s ass and wakes him the fuck up. J-Rock isn’t happy about that, so he’s going to smash that ass, ruthless as he is, and Carlos loves that dick.

Breion Diamond has the right idea here with the sexy, dreamy Mahogany. These brothas make some rough ass loving, such tenderness yet Breion never gives up the tough dominating balla role and ends the whole thing with a big fat nut on Mahogany’s ass. It’s beautiful.

Ace and Prince are chilling in gorgeous Miami. These two lovers ain’t messing about when it comes to dicking each other down. Ace is ruthless, smashing that ass like none other and Prince is loving every second of it, sucking that nut right out of Ace!

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Stars: Chase Carter Keith Kush J-Rock Chase (m) Breion Diamond Carlos

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay Black

Studio Name: Flava Works

Source: New Release

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