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Step-Bros Before Hoes cover

Step-Bros Before Hoes cover

Growing up with a step-brother can be tough. Bros fight all the time, and when you arent even related, things can get pretty ugly. Especially when you just need some space to relax and unwind. Whats a guy gotta do to be able to find a safe, quiet place to jerk off in his own home?! Pierce Hartman sneaks off to rub one out, but when his step-brother Duncan Black catches him in the act, Duncan throws caution to the wind and decides to find out how far Pierces brotherly love is willing to take him. Pierce doesnt do dudes, but desperate and horny with Duncans warm mouth wrapped around his cock, he starts to think that maybe it isnt so bad if its just two brothers tending to each others needs. And they arent the only two bros with needs. Juans young, twinky step-bro Trent Ferris catches him jerking off to gay porn, so Juan makes sure the punk isnt gonna tell on him to mom and dad, even if it means stuffing Trents mouth with his thick uncut cock. Johnny Torque teaches lazy step-brat Kevin a lesson with a hard spanking on his bare ass that gets Johnny hungry for some pretty untoward activities with his little bros butt! And when straight guy Joey Moriarty spies on his brother-in-law Dante Martin dancing in his undies, he gets an unexpected boner that wont go away until hes stuck it between Dantes juicy cheeks. Horny young guys growing up together gotta do what they gotta do, after all, and when there arent any women around, sometimes you just gotta help a brother out! A Next Door Studios anthology.

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Stars: Kevin Summers Johnny Torque

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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