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Smart-Ass Twinks cover

Smart-Ass Twinks cover

I guess their moms never told these twinks to not be a smart-ass, because schools in session and these eager young hotties holes are aching to learn the ropes. These sluts have smarts, and they know just how to use em to get what they want. Five nerdy teens tutor their sexy himbo schoolmates on all the important subjects – chemistry, biology, and of course, sexual education! I.T. geek Rob helps Ian Levine turn on his computer, and ends up getting turned on himself. Trevor Spade teaches jogging buddy Jacob Marteny some new stretches before getting stretched out himself by Jacobs big dick. Gabriel Bossa gets bored of his boyfriend Angels anatomy studies and decides to show him some real anatomy up close. Bratty rich guy Jessie Kale gets taught a lesson in manners by humble hotel host Adrian Rivers. And Tyler Morgan learns some special dance moves from his instructor Marco Russo that definitely werent in the brochure! So get ready for an all-night cram session, because these twinks are about to get schooled! A Next Door Twink anthology.

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Stars: Ian Levine Trevor Spade Adrian Rivers Marco Russo Jacob Marteny Rob Tyler Morgan Gabriel Ross Angel (m)

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Twink Gay

Studio Name: Next Door Twink

Source: New Release

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