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She Can't Find Out Im Gay cover

She Can't Find Out Im Gay cover

Seth Santoro hates his marriage. Its bad enough that his wife never pays attention to his needs, but she doesnt even make the effort to attend their couples counseling session. Seth is furious, so to calm him down, counselor Max King suggests they use the time to try some roleplay exercises. But when Seth reveals through roleplay that his wife refuses to give him blowjobs, Max takes the exercise a step too far and gets on his knees to suck Seths dick!
Seth is shocked, but Max insists its important to keep the roleplay going, and Seth is so sex-starved he gives in to his urges. As long as his wife doesnt ever find out! And Seths not the only straying stud out there. Young hunk Drake Tyler plans to surprise his fiance with
dancing lessons for their wedding, but ballroom instructor Lucas Knight has his own plans for Drake – his 8 cock! Paramedics James and Brandon are goofing around while on-call, and James professes his girl hasnt been putting out lately – Brandon decides to help James out the best way he knows how, and bends over to take his buddys pent-up load!
Brothers-in-law Dante and Joey have fooled around before, and Joey cant get Dantes ass out of his head, so when Dante shows up at their private pool wearing just a speedo, how can Joey resist one more dip? Its true that Pierce and Seth are brothers, but only by marriage, so when they unwind at a family gathering with a few cold ones in the garage, Pierce makes a move on Seth that could cost him big – or pay off big-time! Five forbidden tales of straight seduction and cheating that speak to anyone whos ever lusted after a married man.

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Stars: Pierce Hartman Seth Santoro

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Str8 Bait Anal Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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