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Screen Test 21 cover

Screen Test 21 cover

Arny Donan came in to pair up with Jindra Durak who had agreed to a screen test. Arny does a brief interview with Jindra, complimenting him on his body. Then they get started by kissing each other. As they kiss they begin to feel the other’s body and Arny moves to kiss Jindra’s nipples. One hand moves to Jindra’s groin and quickly his cock gets hard in his underwear. Jindra stands and his underwear is dropped to reveal his rock hard cock. Arny is quickly on that cock. You won’t want to miss this hot screen test and more in the 21st installment of the Screen Test series!

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Stars: Jindra Durak Arny Donan

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Twink International Gay Euro

Studio Name: William Higgins

Source: New Release

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