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Raw Rods 14: Impregnators cover

Raw Rods 14: Impregnators cover

Day Day and Dean are going down to the basement to do some laundry, but ya know how it is in this ADHD generation, getting all distracted and wanting to fuck instead of doing laundry. That dick needs cleanin’ too!

Cali is getting ready for work but Elan is hungry for some dick. He had just gotten fucked a few times but being the insatiable bottom that he is, he wanted one more fuck before his boy left.

Domino Star runs into Keith Kush by the club, so he drags him over to his crib to drink some of his man juice. Keith is begging Domino to give him that dick. He’s all over that shit, slobbering and getting that monster hard as fuck.

Aaron lays in bed texting his boo Zayya. For some reason Zayya hasn’t been texting Aaron back. So when Zayya finally walks in, Aaron wants a good ass reason as to why his text messages were not being responded to. Zayya finally responds to Aaron’s message and it looks like Aaron was happy with the response. They start kissing each other, then it’s clothes off and straight to business.

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Stars: Cali (m) Keith Kush Day Day Rockafella Domino Star Domino (m)

Categories: High Definition Anal Bareback Gay Black

Studio Name: Raw Rods Productions Flava Works

Source: New Release

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