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Raw And Nasty 6:  Cream Pie Surprise cover

Raw And Nasty 6:  Cream Pie Surprise cover

Freakzilla comes and tells about his time in Atlanta during Pride 2009. He meets up with this kat named KD Jamison at a club. KD comes by later the next day and they get into a lil somethin’ somethin’. KD started off sucking on Freakzilla’s dick. He was taking his time with that shit because it’s like his lips were caressing it. I can’t actually remember if his ass came up for air because when I was looking at it, it didn’t look like he did.

Rowiniski is in the house doing his first porno shoot ever right here with the sexy ass Nick Omni. Dude’s hella tight and ready to get some action, he needs Row to suck that dick, go down real deep on it. It’s a big ass piece too, but Row aims to please and has no trouble gagging on that shit. Even though Row’s a noob when it comes to porn, he sure knows how to take and ride that dick.

Hoody LaVaye and Kentrell Kash are chilling and discussing their last weekend in Miami. Hoody is horny as fuck so he unzips his jeans and suggests that Kentrell help him out. Kentrell drops trou too and Hoody starts sucking him off. Kentrell gets Hoody on his stomach and starts to eat out his tight ass. With it wet and juicy there’s no stopping Kentrell from tapping it raw.

Soldier and Angel run into each other on the streets of Miami. These fine ass brothas haven’t seen each other since college, so they figure it’s most prudent to hang out for a minute, have a drink or something… a drink of mafuckin’ cum of course. Angel wants that dick and Soldier’s going to give it to him hard and raw. Soldier ain’t stopping for nothing, just fucking non-stop and getting Angel all excited when Soldier cums all over those delicious cakes!

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Stars: Kentrell Kash Hoody LaVaye KD Nick Omni Freakzilla

Categories: Thug High Definition Anal Bareback Cumshot Gay Black

Studio Name: Raw Rods Productions Flava Works

Source: New Release

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