Pumped cover

Pumped cover

Get your sweat on! Have you ever wondered what really goes on at the gym? With the testosterone pumping, adrenaline surging and veins popping, the guys are horny, excited, sweaty and ready to get PUMPED! Checking each other out over the barbells, looking for an excuse to spot a hot gym bud. Short shorts wrap tightly around muscular thighs and biceps bursting through clingy Lycra tops. The guys look great and they dont hesitate to let their inhibitions go and make use of the equipment for other reasons! These guys train more than what they came to! Luke Vogel, Alexis Belfort, Wade Steel, JP Richards, Kayden Gray and Yoshi Kawasaki star in a gym built, well defined production, Pumped!

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Stars: Yoshi Kawasaki Alexis Belfort Luke Vogel Wade Steel Kayden Gray J.P. Richards

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Gay Muscles International Euro

Studio Name: UKHotJocks

Source: New Release

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