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Police Prowlers cover

Police Prowlers cover

They provide the long, strong arm of the law, but sometimes policemen have to go that extra mile in pursuit of justice a fact that director John Smith very much makes the most of in this orgy-themed bonanza! Dick Casey, Nick Vargas and Benjamin Dunn are just three of the officers who stand between our society and anarchy; proving, in the process, that policing can be the ultra-challenging profession. Even more so when theres the constant temptation of hard cocks, heavy balls and copious amounts of sticky spunk with each and every callout!

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Stars: Troy Vara Noah Matous Ray Mannix Sam Williams Florian Mraz Milan Sharp Benjamin Dunn Yuri Adamov Joel Vargas

Categories: Bareback Cops Anal High Definition Gay International Euro Orgies Uniform Fetish

Studio Name: Staxus

Source: New Release

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