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TIMSuck 4

Your wish is our command: after his Treasure Island Media debut on TIMFuck earlier this year, we were flooded with requests for more of cocoa stud Kory Mitchell (formerly Kory Kong). This time around Kory’s massive cock takes center stage, seducing our camera and enthralling lucky bonehead Nick Savage. Nick takes his time, worshipfully consumes every inch of Kory’s monster, from pierced tip down to full, heavy balls. Even after Kory deposits spurt after spurt of thick, white-hot goo directly onto Nick’s hungry tongue, it’s not enough for this gluttonous cocksucker, who swallows his fill and goes back for more.

Blue Bailey’s cocksucking skills are legendary, so it came as no surprise when Em Davis confessed he’s been fantasizing about feeling Blue’s mouth for himself. Em is more than a mouthful–but, as always, Blue is up for the challenge and takes obvious satisfaction in swallowing Em’s throat-stretching sword. At times the pleasure gets so intense for Em that he has to pull Blue off to ravish that thrill-inducing mouth with his own, before pushing his aching boner back into the warm, welcoming depths of Blue’s gullet. When Em finally shoots his wad, cum addict Blue takes full advantage, licking every last drop off the floor.

And so much more!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Stars: Aaron Xanders Cory Bengal Marcus Stone Morgan Black Truckee Kory Mitchell Jay Young Lil’K Em Davis Jay Daniels Lucky Joe Manuel Roko Chuck Trevor Tony Bishop Damon Dogg Nick Savage Dano Javin Blue Bailey Jack Allen Blake Daniels

Categories: Gay Cumshot Blowjob Amateur

Studio Name: Treasure Island Media

Source: New Release

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