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My Sister's Husband cover

My Sister's Husband cover

Its human nature to want most what we cant have. For Mike Gaite, what he wants more than anything is his brother-in-law, Luke Milan. A strapping man with broad shoulders, rock hard pecs and a huge dick (or so Mikes sister tells him), Luke is the whole package except that hes straight. Every family visit is agony, as Mike sits inches away from the perfect man and cant do anything about it. Until one day, when his sisters out shopping and Lukes fresh out of the shower, Mike finally gets the courage to make a move. Connor Maguire, Owen Michaels, Drake Tyler, Mark Long, Andrew Fitch, Sean Blue, and Dante Martin co-star in five fantasies about getting your hands on that perfect, unattainable straight man in your life. The guy at work, the friend you grew up with, the buddy sitting side-by-side with you on the couch When the one closest to you seems the farthest away, sometimes all youve got to do is reach out and touch him. A Next Door Buddies anthology.

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Stars: Owen Michaels Drake Tyler Mike Gaite Sean Blue Andrew Fitch Connor Maguire Luke Milan Mark Long

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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