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ManCunts 12: Sloppy Gaping Manholes cover

ManCunts 12: Sloppy Gaping Manholes cover

Sammael has a girlfriend at home and considers himself straight, but is extremely comfortable in his own skin. His favorite pleasures are all focused around his butt. And you will see, he has had a lot of practice pleasuring himself. He fucks it sloppy wet and gaping, and you can’t deny the sexiness of a guy who isn’t afraid to explore every part of his body.

Luke has been dabbling with butt play for a while now, but has never really taken the plunge with total penetration with anything other than his fingers. That is until now. Luke agreed to go all the way and he does not disappoint.
Luke gets down like a bitch in heat and gives into the pleasure of that ass play, proving that it is always good to try new things.

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Stars: Sammael Luke

Categories: Dildo High Definition Gay Masturbation Cumshot Amateur

Studio Name: Iron Video

Source: New Release

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