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Kai Breaks Another New Bottom In cover

Kai Breaks Another New Bottom In cover

TJ, one of our hottest newbies (with a big uncut dick), returns this week to make his debut duo, and what a dynamo this guy is in the sack! TJ asked for Kai to be the first to throw him around the bed… but it kind of ended up with Kai being the one thrown about – TJ is one seriously dominant bottom! It certainly raised my eyebrows (amongst other things) when things kicked off…

So about the fuck… TJ was a little nervous, OK very nervous at the start, and it wasn’t until he filled his mouth with Kai’s precum-oozing rock solid cock that you can see him settle into the swing of things. With a few more deep mouthfuls, the exchange of blow jobs becomes more and more passionate and lustful – you’ve just got to love it when cock-sucking is this delicious!

But when the action turns from foreplay to fucking the mood changes from passionate to just a good old hard fuck! TJ starts by riding Kai, and he rides with such vigour that we thought the bed was going to give in!! From there, Kai then pounds up from underneath just as hard as TJ had been slamming down on top of him. Maneuvering around the bed and still fucking like crazy, Kai proves his dominance in doggy style, causing TJ to spill his load with Kai deep inside! Desperate to cum, it takes Kai just a few strokes before he sprays his spunk all over TJ’s delicious golden abs.

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Stars: Kai TJ

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Twink International Gay Euro

Studio Name: PornPlay Blake Mason

Source: New Release

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