IM Yours cover

IM Yours cover

Wanna meet? That’s all it takes. Two short words to turn that hot pic into a flesh and blood fuck right at your doorstep. Instant message, instant sex. Hooking up has never been easier, and these horny young men use every app, chat and dating site at their disposal to track down their next lay. Ten slutty strangers meet up in five fuck-fueled stories charged with all the anticipation and thrill of anonymous sex. Joey Moriarty chats with mystery man Morgan Shades who seems like he’s just his type except that Joey’s left with just his type when Morgan refuses to meet up in real life. Bratty rich boy Drake Tyler is used to getting what he wants, so when he hooks up with professional dom J Howling, J teaches Drake’s ass how it feels to be someone else’s bitch for a change. When Tyler Morgan answers a personal ad, buddies Derrick Dime and Jacob Ladder have their way with the bubble-butt twink, and record the whole thing for posterity. Shawn Andrews waits, eyes blindfolded and hole spread wide, for anonymous top Ace Stone to take his hole from behind without ever laying eyes on the elusive lover. And Joey finally discovers the truth about his cyber-crush, but will Morgan’s true identity make Joey’s wishful fantasies come crashing down? When all it takes to get some is the click of the send button, he can be yours in an instant it’s letting him go that’s the hard part. A Next Door World anthology.

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Stars: Joey Moriarty Shawn Andrews Ace Stone Tommy White (NDB) J. Howling Drake Tyler Morgan Shades Jan Cores Jacob Ladder Tyler Morgan

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Twink Gay

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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