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Hot Ass 10 cover

Hot Ass 10 cover

Libor Kenda is one very hot, muscled guy. He comes into the locker room with his tool box and starts to explore the lockers. Opening the second he is surprised to find several sexy toys, including a rather large dildo, that is stuck on the wall of the locker. He removes it and attaches to the exterior of the lockers and starts to suck it. Lookng back in the locker he finds some underwear which he takes and starts to sniff as he gropes himself. Then we see him dressed only in his work boots and the used jockstrap he found. His body looks so good as he flexes his big muscles. He works through a series of very good poses, showing off his chest, biceps, thighs and calf muscles. Turning around Libor’s hot ass comes into view, framed by the jockstrap, as he poses some more. He bends over and uses his hands to spread his ass cheeks and shows off his hot ass hole. Laying on the bench and lifting his legs in the air Libor then starts to finger that hot hole. He works that hole well with his fingers and then pulls the cheeks so wide apart. After removing his boots he then takes a butt plug and pushes it into his ass. The plug really stretches his hole and he fucks it in and out.

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Categories: Czech High Definition Dildo Gay Masturbation International Euro

Studio Name: William Higgins

Source: New Release

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