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Heating Up Tahoe cover

Heating Up Tahoe cover

Just a short hop from Las Vegas lies one of the most picturesque places in the US – Lake Tahoe! With all of its stunning natural beauty, perhaps the only thing that could make the area look even better is getting some of CF’s hottest guys up there and unleashing them upon the scenery and one another! Heating Up Tahoe takes us along with Trenton, Marc, Kellan and Quinn as they venture out into the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada, and venture back into the lodge for some of the most intense sex our cameras have ever captured. While some Tahoe scenes have been released on Corbin Fisher, the CF Select Heating Up Tahoe Collection features four entirely new and exclusive episodes, each accompanied by extended b-roll and each overflowing with passion, playfulness, and lust.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Stars: Kellan (Corbin Fisher) Marc (Corbin Fisher) Quinn (Corbin Fisher) Trenton

Categories: Anal High Definition Bareback Gay Muscles Amateur

Studio Name: Corbin Fisher

Source: New Release

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