Hard Gear cover

Hard Gear cover

UKHotJocks is trying out something new. Much like when you try a hot new pair of underwear, or a new cock ring for the first time it gets you hard and horny right away! Stripping back to the fuck and fetish gear, the hot new studio set and most importantly focusing on the guys. Whether youre into sporty jock gear, football shorts and protective pads or the sleazier side of rubber wear, slick black latex like a second skin, weve mixed it up for a hell of a wet, filthy and dirty ride! These guys really go for it, kinked up to the max including double penetration, giant toys and watersports galore. Warning: Not for the easily offended! Sit back, get your gear on and let HotJocks take you to the other side, where the gear is hard.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Stars: Kayden Gray Theo Reid Jace Tyler J.P. Dubois Sam Barclay Angel Cruz

Categories: Anal Safe Sex High Definition Gay International Euro Pissing Uniform Fetish

Studio Name: UKHotJocks

Source: New Release

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