Guy Quest cover

Guy Quest cover

In our first Guy Quest episode, we shout "road trip!" And who`s raring to go but our hot red headed Puerto Rican who is insatiable when it comes to sex with straight men. A self proclaimed expert cock sucker and bottom boy, Steven likes nothing more than to bed hot straight men. We were wide-eyed when we confronted this guy, Santos, a straight, hot masculine Latino, with curly hair, blue eyes, beautiful smooth gym body, bubble butt and prerequisite tattoo.

Like Baseball? Well then you`ll love Corey, our new Bait guy, who carries around a Louisville Slugger and two big balls…between his legs that is. Wow, we`re not kidding, his package is thick, meaty and succulent! Just as we were interviewing him in the studio lobby, a good looking, young dude could be seen through the front window just roaming around our parking lot. Kain was quite surprised by our presence and our camera, so before he could figure things out, we gave him the bum`s rush.

All sweaty and horned up for sex, Gavin is just back from his daily run. Running and the gym are two out of three of his daily requirements. The third must have is sex and since Gavin is bi-sexual, that means a girl or a guy will do. Evan is the epitome of the guy next door type with blue eyes, lean toned body with a nice smattering of body hair in all the right places and a gorgeous ass that begs for attention. Some guys are "showers" and others "growers," he is both with a nice 8.5" of thick juicy cock when fully aroused.

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Stars: Evan Hart Kain Stone Corey Martin Santos Gavin Waters Steven Ponce

Categories: Safe Sex Anal Gay Amateur

Studio Name: Bait Buddies

Source: New Release

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