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Fugitive Fuckers cover

Fugitive Fuckers cover

You have the right to remain horny. Any dicks you see can and will be used to fuck you. When youre looking at a choice between a hard dick and hard time, the answer is obvious. Bad-boy bottoms go up against ass-obsessed officials in five stories about getting fucked by The Man, in more ways than one. Colt Rivers and Mark Long are on the lam, but once they find a spot to hide, they find themselves tending to an even more pressing need – the one in their pants. Brenner Bolton is a lowlife without a dime to his name, so repo men Julian and Joey take his broke ass as payment instead. Officer Torro gets caught with his pants down in his squad car by ranch hand Cameron Foster, who lends a helping hand to the dirty deputy. Petty thugs Lucas Knight and Jordan have to act fast to shake the suspicions of pervy patrolman Justin Star. And James Huntsman shows peeping tom teenager Connor the long cock of the law to get him back on the straight and narrow. These fuckers are bad to the boner, and you know what happens to bad boys. Whatcha gonna do when they cum on you? A Next Door Buddies anthology.

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Stars: Joey Moriarty Brenner Bolton Mark Long (Next Door) Justin Star Jordan A. Connor Chesney Colt Rivers Julian Smiles Tyler Torro Lucas Knight James Huntsman Cameron Foster

Categories: High Definition Prison Sex Safe Sex Anal Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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