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Fresh Sex Boys cover

Fresh Sex Boys cover

Skyler Lee and Tyler, two hot and bothered guys, grace us with a passionate filled scene where, not only do they bust huge nuts, they have fun doing it!

Matthew James and Phoenix Michaels show how to fuck next to an outdoor swimming pool that’ll change the way you think about lounging poolside.

Welcome to Marbella-Spain where it’s always sunny and warm, but Dustin and Glacias find a way to turn up the heat until it’s scorching. These fun loving twinks have steamy relations right next to the pool. The tops and bottoms are interchangeable because this is the place where every boy gets their rocks off!

Marco and Skyler find a way to turn up the heat in Marbella-Spain as well. Another pair of fun loving twinks that have steamy relations.

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Stars: Phoenix Michaels Dustin Reese Skyler Lee Matthew James Tyler Marco

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Twink Gay

Studio Name: Jalif Studio

Source: New Release

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