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Fresh Sex Boys 2 cover

Fresh Sex Boys 2 cover

These Marbella boys really know how to have fun and it’s always poolside when the action goes down. Even if there’s an audience that still doesn’t deter these guys from poking and stroking a hot load. Explore passion that’s undeniable with testosterone driven youth, and it’s even better the second time around. Enjoy this scene with Jaeden James and Roberto Santiago, some of the hottest twinks this side of the pool!

Jon Dieseal and Mario Angel are some of the hottest Marbella twinks! Watch this poolside action go down!

The Marbella boys are back and this time they ain’t singin’! This time it’s Angel Vazquez with Richard Roxx and Glacias Ice with Ryan Sneaux. They’re only concern is fucking and bustin’ a huge load! And when I say huge…I mean HUGE! These guys get in where they fit in and it doesn’t matter whose around. They see what they want and they go in for the taking!

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Stars: Richard Rox Jaeden James Ryan Sneaux Mario Angel

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Outdoors Twink Gay

Studio Name: Jalif Studio

Source: New Release

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