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Fraiser And Robbie Instantly Clicked cover

Fraiser And Robbie Instantly Clicked cover

OK, I have to say that there have been plenty of shoots in the past that have brought a big, wide smile to my face and this one was no exception! Fraiser and Robbie simply clicked and the ensuing action was awesome, passionate and lustful. They wanted each other so bad that I know they didn’t have a care for Shayne and I who were manning the cameras – and that’s just the way I like it!

Raw, abandoned sex coupled with desire and real sexual need is the name of the game here. Robbie just can’t get enough of Fraiser’s mammoth uncut cock in the early stages of the action, but then it does seem to be him who’s taking the lead. But you know what? Fraiser’s also pretty good at devouring cock and these two just seemed to be starving hungry for it… Oh, to be on the receiving end of those hungry mouths, eh?

And then it just gets a whole lot more intense when Fraiser sits his tight arse down on Robbie’s magical dick. It fills his deep down, wanton desires completely and now that Robbie has completed his initiation in to what it takes to be a true Blake Mason top, well, Fraiser just wanted more and more! In fact, I had to work overtime just so these two could enjoy each other to the utmost… I guess it comes with the territory… along with lovely, pent-up cum shots.

There’s also 8 minutes of bonus footage with this one too!

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Stars: Fraiser Robbie

Categories: Twink Anal Safe Sex High Definition Gay International Black Euro Interracial Amateur

Studio Name: PornPlay Blake Mason

Source: New Release

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