Flooded cover

Flooded cover

Flooded belongs to the four horsemen of Treasure Island: Shane Frost, Erik Grant, Trevor Snow and Rocco Steele. Each appear in 2 scenes starting off the movie together like a pack of rabid wolves in heat gang fucking the living daylights out of Owen Powers.

Shane Frost goes on to tag team Jacob Lee with Sean Parker. Erik Grant goes head to head fucking Derek Parker. Trevor Snow turns into a cum whore pussy boy bred by Drilla. Rocco Steele finally gets to do the one scene he says he has been waiting to do since he got into porn namely ravishing the hole of Marcus Isaacs.

Thats not all. Lukas Cipriani succumbs to the 10-inch uncut 8th wonder of the world when Esteban fucks him. Luke Tyler takes on Jack Allen and Sam Bridle. Newcummer Kyle Ferris is truly flooded by Tommy Deluca, Luke Harding and Rob Yaeger.

And then there is the man who came too much. Eddie. AKA 3-shot Eddie. You cannot even fathom what happens when I challenged Eddie to breed a bottom until he couldnt cum anymore.

Flooded. Flood my hole. The need to be flooded by men, cock, and sperm.

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Stars: Rocco Steele Owen Powers Luke Harding Rob Yaeger Sam Bridle Wes Stevens Kyle Ferris Lukas Cipriani Luke Tyler Marcus Isaacs Sean Parker Esteban Derek Parker Erik Grant Eddie Shane Frost Jack Allen Trevor Snow Drilla Jacob Lee Tommy DeLuca

Categories: High Definition Pigs Anal Bareback Gay

Studio Name: Treasure Island Media

Source: New Release

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