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Feed And Breed 4: Flood My Hole cover

Feed And Breed 4: Flood My Hole cover

Staxx and Fiji meet up, trying to make some plans about what club they are going to be hitting up over the weekend. Staxx is wanting to do a little bit more than just make plans to go to a club. Fiji offers to show Staxx his new jock strap. Staxx likes what he see and wants to see and do more. Fiji doesn’t hesitate to getting that dick down his throat and Staxx has no objections.

Manny Baby is cutting Romeo Storm’s hair a little, but Romeo is getting bored with that shit so he starts grabbin’ Manny’s dick until he gets Manny to take off his pants and suck his dick. Romeo gives Manny a little face fuckin’ and then fucks him raw on the couch and all around the living room. Manny’s dick is so fucking hard from all that penetration and he busts a nut all over Romeo while he’s riding that dick!

Damon and Kent Kross meet with me in Detroit at my hotel. They were telling me that they had thought about doing porn for a while but never really acted on it. Then when they found out I was going to be in town doing some filming, they figured what hell, why not. Kent didn’t waist any time getting down to taste Damon’s dick in his mouth. This tall, muscular, sexy dude was no newbie at sucking dick. This is a must see.

We got somethin’ right here that you don’t see very often on Raw Rods. We caught ourselves a hot lil Miami Papi, bringin’ some of that Latin flavor with his big ass pinga. This boy knows how to fuck a brotha down raw and Isaiah has just the right amount of dick appetite for this sexy chulo. This a fuckin’ hot one!

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Stars: Romeo Storm Manny Baby

Categories: Thug High Definition Anal Bareback Black Gay Amateur

Studio Name: Raw Rods Productions

Source: New Release

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