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Expert Hands cover

Expert Hands cover

It’s not always about the sex sometimes the foreplay is the best part. A pair of strong, firm hands running up and down the length of your body. His fingers exploring your every inch in new ways, intimate ways. Touching you where you least – and most – expect him to. Massage is like the ultimate form of foreplay, and it’s only natural that when two irresistible men are alone in the room, one naked and the other touching him tenderly, that certain feelings might develop. Feelings that can’t be ignored. Who will be the first to make a move? Coy client Colt Rivers – or his statuesque specialist Arad? Sly salesman Julian Smiles or his house-husband mark Brenner Bolton? Injured athlete Luke Milan or his thirsty therapist Wolfie Blue? Prim and professional Mark Long or his oversexed patron Markie More? Five sensuous stories explore that special bond between masseur and client, and what it feels like to be putty in his expert hands.

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Stars: Brenner Bolton Markie More Arad Owen Michaels Colt Rivers Luke Milan Julian Smiles Wolfie Blue Mark Long

Categories: Massage Safe Sex Anal Gay

Studio Name: Next Door Studios

Source: New Release

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