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Edge Of Desire 2 cover

Edge Of Desire 2 cover

Have you ever wondered whats going on in the mind of your favorite Hoopla model? In this weeks Edge Of Desire episode you get to unlock the passion within the mind of Jeff Niels. Jeff is having some highly erotic thoughts about his friends in the pool. Swimming in his birthday suit, he positions his cock in front of a water jet. His dick rises as he gets harder and harder! Out of the blue, Cole and Max swim in from either side and latch onto Jeffs meaty thighs. The two never come up for air as they stroke his fat cock, eat his ass, and suck on his rock hard cock. They are relentless in their attack and Jeff blows a big load. As the ropes of cum drift in the water, Cole and Max swim through it and disappear as quickly as they arrived. Seemingly unsatisfied, Jeffs dirty mind slips away again. In the den, Jeff is fully nude playing with his cock while Ken Ott watches and follows his lead. As Jeff gets hotter and hotter, his hand just wont do. Phillip Anadarko arrives to save the day and fucks Jeffs ass hard and fast with his legs straight in the air. Phillip flips him and pounds him from behind long into the night. But Ken is there for a reason. Not just to watch the hot fucking, but to take Jeffs creamy load to the face!

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Stars: Jeff Niels Cole Money Max Summerfield

Categories: Gay Muscles Amateur

Studio Name: GayHoopla

Source: New Release

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