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Dominant Raw Tops 4: Up In The Guts cover

Dominant Raw Tops 4: Up In The Guts cover

Domino Star is in detention again, but he just doesn’t give a fuck. Domino always wanted to fuck the counselor and he finally gets his chance. He doesn’t hesitate when AJ takes control of that pipe and starts suckin’ it. Domino fucks AJ hard all bent over that bench, tearing that mafuckin’ ass up and nuttin’ right in his mouth!

Noah and TJ are meeting up and totally gettin’ into each other in no time. Noah wants that fine piece of ass, so he lets a brotha know wassup and TJ’s diggin’ it.

Melsogifted and Mikeal Race run into each other at the park, but they don’t really give a shit about the great outdoors. It’s hot out there anyways, so they head back to the crib to get their fuck on. Mikeal needs that dick in his mouth like right fuckin’ now and Mel needs it sucked just as bad.

Lamar is in serious need of a rub down cause his lower back has been hurting. He hits up Mike Dixon for some help, and once Mike starts massaging Lamar’s lower back he can’t help but feel that big round hot ass Lamar is packin’ under the towel. He gets Lamar so opened up he gets four fingers in and takes full advantage of that open ass by shoving his meat all the way in it.

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Studio Name: Raw Rods Productions

Source: New Release

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