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Diversion cover

Diversion cover

Youve been waiting for the perfect opportunity a knowing glance, a slight touch to help you escape. You need to indulge in your growing excitement, a dirty Diversion to blow you away. Take a chance on Titan Men exclusive Aymeric DeVille, who lets loose with some sizable distractions. Furry Felix Barca is fixing his bike when smooth jock Kevin Lee enters his line of sight their two throbbers soon engulfed before Kevin offers his ass. Overlooking the great outdoors, JR Bronson and Topher DiMaggio only have eyes for each other. Their deck encounter quickly heats up as Topher takes control. Before a day of hiking begins, Aymeric DeVille gets sidetracked with Tristan Jaxx embracing him from behind and swapping sucks before bending over.

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Stars: J.R. Bronson Kevin Lee Aymeric Deville Felix Barca Topher DiMaggio Tristan Jaxx

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Outdoors Gay Muscles

Studio Name: Titan Media

Source: New Release

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