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Deviant Friends cover

Deviant Friends cover

The One Where an Otter Fucks a Phoenixxx. Deviant Otter and I started talking about 2 years ago when Vine first started. There was an odd closeness amongst niche talents and artists, pornographers and startup models. It was a space for us to collaborate and build a name/following or maintain one with 6 second loops.

I realized on here after many attempts of advertising myself as an artist that video was the one thing I did that made sense to the general public after my followers skyrocketed to nearly 10k. Vine eventually removed nudity and adult content causing many of us to change their platform.

My legacy and the legacy of many others like Deviant Otter lives on. We both branched off and started our own sites but stayed in touch. Since there was always talk of getting together and doing Vines, we decided to make a joint scene for both our sites.

I will always have a soft spot for Deviant Otter. He is an incredibly sexy, sweet, authentic, dirty pig thug bro otter.

Super excited about this scene and opportunity to work with him. I let him fuck me, which I have only done in porn three times this far, as I am more top. Special people get that privilege.

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Stars: Devin Totter Michael Phoenix

Categories: High Definition Alt Anal Bareback Bear Gay

Studio Name: Michael Phoenixxx

Source: New Release

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