City Boy cover

City Boy cover

New to the city, sexy young Max is struggling to find his feet and find love at the same time. With a chauvinistic manager who prides himself on being able to buy anything and everyone, Max is caught between keeping up with the big boys and falling for the gorgeous barman the rest of the suited young men see merely as a commodity. Once he hears even the cute barman has been bought, Max starts to spiral out of control, trying to play the game himself but without knowing the rules, there can only be trouble ahead, but the company is up for a big presentation where they need to especially please the big boss from Paris who flies in. As Max finds solace in numerous big dicked boys, Brad is on a mission to succeed at any cost, will Max be dragged into the non-stop world of the city high-flyers where sex is as easy to get as a pizza, or will he be left behind picking up the pieces? City Boy features an array of suited young men and horny fuckers all sporting big dicks and hot bubble butts eager to take as much as possible, as long as they get something in return! From sex in toilets, offices and boardrooms, the world of the City Boy is finally here!

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Stars: Theo Ford Drew Kingston Alex Garcia Kai Alexander

Categories: Safe Sex White Collar High Definition Uncut Anal Feature International Gay Euro

Studio Name: Eurocreme

Source: New Release

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