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Caught In The Act cover

Caught In The Act cover

Youre taken off guard and turned on at the same time Caught In The Act by someone who suddenly has your attention. Titan Men exclusives Jessy Ares and Jesse Jackman grab control of the situation and you as the latest Joe Gage Chronicle unfolds with his signature sexual tension. Watching porn in bed, Christopher Daniels gets a much more tempting opportunity with passerby Tyler Griz who whips his dick out for a suck exchange before fucking the horndog. A wedding reception heats up when best man Adam Russo dirty talks his way into Conner Habibs pants, their intense sucking and flip fuck punctuated by their verbal exchange. Colonel Jesse Jackman is at the mercy of alpha interrogator Jessy Ares, who takes advantage of a scandal to get deep inside the muscle mans warm, hairy holes.

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Stars: Jesse Jackman Tyler Griz Jessy Ares Christopher Daniels Conner Habib Adam Russo

Categories: High Definition Safe Sex Anal Gay

Studio Name: Titan Media

Source: New Release

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