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Breeding An Aussie Daddy cover

Breeding An Aussie Daddy cover

Sometimes its a little difficult to find hot guys that Im into who are willing to fuck on camera, and sometimes I get lucky and it just happens. However, I have been trying to get a daddy on film since I started recording my hookups over a year ago. For some reason its harder to get the more experienced gents to show off. Well lo and behold a few weeks ago I was playing around on Scruff and I saw this wicked sexy Australian daddy who was just a couple miles away. The porn gods must have been smiling down upon me that day because all I had to say was Fuckin wooooofLooking for guys to film and fuck, and he was on his way to my place. His only stipulation was that he didnt want to ditch his buddy who he was visiting so the buddy had to come along. Having a hot daddy beg for my load with an Australian accent has to be one of the hottest things Ive ever heard in my life!

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Studio Name: Deviant Otter

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