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We grabbed this 18 year old ginger out of the closet where we had bound and gagged him and a few others – it was his turn. After making him bend over and appreciating his virgin butthole, he gets throat fucked hard. I fuck him until I am close, then I cum on his hole and my friend cums on his face – we make him eat that cum right up.

The following guy was new to the halfway house. He had gotten busted for crossing state lines with a lot of acid. We decided to go into the room early in the morning and let him know how his stay was gonna be.

Next, this 20 year old asshole was causing some problems by not following the house rules, so we gave him the treatment. This cocksucker could not get enough of me and my buddy’s cocks. You would think he was sucking dick to save his life!

This 19 year old guy partied all night and was sleeping in, only to be awakened by me and my fellow house manager barging in and taking advantage of him. We start out making him suck our cocks – he barely knows what is going on. I make him finger himself while he is getting choked on dick, and then finally we straddle him and both of us spit in his mouth and cum on his face and make him eat both of our loads.

This 18 year old jock faced either staying at the house or being on the streets – he chose a roof to be under, but he did not realize that he would face some consequences when his actions were unacceptable.

Another House Manager and I got a hottie 19 year old with nowhere to live to come to the Halfway House. He has a nice bubble butt, so we were looking forward to making his life hell.

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