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Boys Halfway House: Cracking Them Wide Open cover

Boys Halfway House: Cracking Them Wide Open cover

Our 19 year old resident with all the tats is a misbehaving little fuck. He really gets on the house managers’ nerves almost all the time. After having an unauthorized guest over the night before, we had all had enough. Fortunately, I was horny and needed to bust a load. Unfortunately, this little prick is a squirming 19 year old with an ass that’s almost too tight to plow.

Aaron had been bouncing around from one halfway house to another, for good reason. He showed up at the door homeless after we had chatted on the phone, and my heart was filled with compassion. Not really to my surprise, by mid-morning his shit was still all over the floor and he hadn’t completed the few simple tasks assigned, one of which was to clean out the ashtrays and sweep the porch. I called him into the living room, in front of his pile of stuff, and asked him why he hadn’t done his chores. So, of course, I throw a full ashtray at him and tell him to clean up the butts. Then I have him light a cigarette. After he had taken a few puffs I took the fag and had a few puffs myself, ashing on his chest as I smoked. Needless to say, the next pole he had in his mouth was my cock.

Our new ginger is a good-natured fellow, but only because he has probably destroyed half of his brain cells. This guy’s hole feels so good that we’ve begun making up stupid excuses to fuck him. His fuck hole legit feels like a pussy it’s so warm and juicy. Me and the newest House Manager walked upstairs to get our dicks wet, where we found him texting on the couch. His lazy, useless friend was napping next to him – which was all the better.

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