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Boys Halfway House 5: Sir, Yes Sir cover

Boys Halfway House 5: Sir, Yes Sir cover

Me and the other House Manager gave a newer resident permission to leave for a few hours. When he finally came back he was completely late and out of control. Deciding to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget in the morning, we made him strip down, take a shower, and then took advantage of his situation.

I like the kind of young white guys who grow up in Central Florida. This cracker was just the type of new resident I needed to get a quick nut. Thankfully, he has a warm 19 year old str8 mouth, and he does what he is told.

I was really horny, and this 19 year old seemed like the perfect place to dump a load. With his ass up on the bed and all wet with spit, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to get my thick cock inside. But it was difficult at first. Lots of lube for this one – this guy’s ass is tight!

My buddy and I were horny, and we were looking for a throat slut to take advantage of. Thankfully, in walked one of our newest guys, a 21 year old who doesn’t like to obey the rules (probably because he likes getting punished). Lot of complete balls deep throat-fucking, spitting, and humiliation ensue.

Luke was on bail and a week away from an important court date that would determine if he would be incarcerated for 5 months or walk free. I decided that now was the time to pop his straight-boy cherry. Accompanied by another house manager, I marched him right into his room and put him in his place.

In Noah’s first week at the house he didn’t seem to be very receptive to keeping a good attitude and getting along with others, so after his third time being snide, he was given the perp walk. The guy is particularly averse to male-male sexual activity, so I thought that I’d ease him into it slowly while still making him feel like the low life douchebag that he is.

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