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Boys Halfway House 3 cover

Boys Halfway House 3 cover

James certainly has some addiction issues. His drinking problem resulted in an aggravated assault charge on his roommate at a party. He came in a virgin, and he left much wiser and wider. Thank you, Justice System!

Jack has always had a job and never really wanted for anything. A few DUIs on his record, though, and he was all mine. Watch him give me a BJ and then ride my cock like a total man-whore.

The next guy, after being read the rules, was cavity searched. Soon he was on his knees with a huge cock in his mouth and a fat cock up his ass.

This drug addict sure knows how to suck cock! Lucky for me, he goes down on my cock – licking, sucking, slurping until I busted a huge load of jizz right into his mouth. This 18 year old gives a sloppy blowjob, just the kind I like.

This 19 year old stupid hottie left the room dirty and gets punished. Three of us made sure that he picked up the trash, but when he has an attitude things get worse for him.

Sterling got a job quickly and seemed on the up and up, but Friday came and guess who missed his Saturday morning NA meeting? This dumb shit had slept in. I decided to wake him up and show him how it was gonna be here at the house, for not focusing on a healthy, sober recovery. Boy, if his girlfriend knew that he got his jollies off by being tossed around and used like a little bitch, Im sure she wouldnt be bringing cookies anymore on visitation day!

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Stars: Sterling Chase James * Jack

Categories: Punishment High Definition Anal Bareback Gay Amateur

Studio Name: Boys Halfway House

Source: New Release

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