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Boys Halfway House 2 cover

Boys Halfway House 2 cover

Two of our 19 year olds were messing around on the couch, and the House Managers decide to give them a thorough example of what to expect when they fuck up.

This next guy had just turned 18 a week before, and was transferred from a facility for younger folks to our house. Obviously, he thought that just because he is a big boy now, that he can do as he pleases. However, the rules are enforced here, and the consequences are more along the lines of “shock and awe” as opposed to a slap on the wrist.

Next, this pothead came to us because his parents kicked him out of the house, then his girlfriend’s dad told him he wasn’t welcome on the couch anymore. From Day 1, he has managed to sneak out only to return high 30 minutes later. After the third incident, we decided to take his recovery to the next level.

This parolee just got out of prison. He had a lot of charges, including armed robbery. He needed a legal place to stay, so I met him. After he fucked up a few times, I told him that he would need to suck my dick and let me cum in his mouth if he wanted to stay longer, or it was back to the pen.

The following guy was new to the halfway house, and before his first night’s rest, we told him that part of his recovery therapy included a massage. Little did he know that he would be stripping down nude and then violated.

This down on his luck 18 year old did not know what he was in for, but he is so desperate that he let us do whatever we wanted to him. He has nowhere to go, so he just took it – in the mouth and up the butt.

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Stars: Caleb Reece

Categories: Punishment High Definition Anal Bareback Fetish Gay Amateur

Studio Name: Boys Halfway House

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