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Answered Prayers: The Ascension Of The Lamb cover

Answered Prayers: The Ascension Of The Lamb cover

Jake Jaxson’s groundbreaking erotic morality play Answered Prayers continues with The Ascension Of The Lamb, the first part of a stylishly twisted two-part story centered on a mysterious orphan boy known only as the Lamb. Like the past central archetypes of Answered Prayers, the Lamb is haunted by fear. Taken in as the ward to a benevolent yet strict guardian, his fear is only made worse by classmates teasing and threatening him until he reaches his breaking point.

So the Lamb tries to escape. Yet no matter how hard he tries, all roads lead him back to the care of his guardian. He has to go into a dark, quiet attic as punishment where he’s confronted with his biggest fear of all — isolation. But without darkness, there can be no light and the Lamb must find balance.

Featuring knockout performances from Max Ryder, Max Carter, Jasper Robinson, Frankie Valentine, and Duncan Black, with cameos from Jake Bass and the legendary Dean Monroe, The Ascension Of The Lamb is a study of consequences and responsibility that ultimately lead the Lamb to his true fate.

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Stars: Duncan Black Ricky Roman Levi Karter Chris Harder Tayte Hanson Levi Michaels Dillon Rossi Bravo Delta Max Carter Diesel Washington Jake Bass Max Ryder Jasper Robinson Dean Monroe

Categories: Twink Anal Safe Sex High Definition Gay International Feature Orgies Muscles Euro

Studio Name: Cockyboys

Source: New Release

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