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Andy Loves That Big Dick Inside Him cover

Andy Loves That Big Dick Inside Him cover

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who enjoys being fucked quite as much as Andy O – but even I was surprised by the intensity on display when Robbie got stuck in to that ass! These two hot guys fitted together like… um… a big 8 inch uncut cock and a greedy, willing hole should – perfectly. And as for Andy saying that he prefers smaller dicks way back in his solo… well, he sure seemed to love an extra few inches inside him!

Right from the start it was clear that this was going to be a memorable experience for them both – the sheer desire they had for each other was incredible. And so after a very swift chat the guys were let loose… and they wasted no time getting stuck in to some serious kissing action before they used their mouths for a greater purpose! Andy spends plenty of time devouring Robbie’s uncut monster but also works his tongue on Robbie’s sweet ass, sending him into a frenzy…

With rock-hard cocks, the inevitable had to happen and so begins a marathon fuck session! Not expecting Andy to be such a demanding bottom, Robbie had to find his pace – but quickly the guys were as one, contorting themselves into some mind bending positions. Robbie slides his thick meat in and out while Andy’s face tells the tale of pleasure and anguish! Andy received just the workout he needed and spills his load with Robbie still inside him… but neither are finished! After giving Andy seconds to recover, Robbie’s back inside and fucks away again before pulling out and erupting jet after jet of hot cum.

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Stars: Robbie Andy

Categories: Safe Sex High Definition Anal Gay International Amateur

Studio Name: PornPlay Blake Mason

Source: New Release

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