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Ambush Massage 43 cover

Ambush Massage 43 cover

John Blunt is a very handsome guy who we invited in for a massage. He walks in and strips naked, showing off his hot body, both back and front. Then he lays on the table, awaiting the arrival of the masseur. Mattias Solich is the masseur, and he walks in, wearing just his underwear, showing off his sexy body too. He gets right to work, taking some oil, massaging John’s back. His hands work all over the back and up to his shoulders. John is so relaxed as he lays on the table feeling the expert hands. Mattias works on the back and then the arms as well. Then he does the shoulders before moving down to John’s sexy ass. Gliding his hands over that hot ass Mattias works on John’s hairy legs. His hands move back up to the ass, rubbing his fingers into the crack. His hands part the cheeks showing the dark hair in that ass crack. He reaches between John’s legs to feel his cock as well as he rubs a hand over that beautiful ass. John moves onto his knees, with his ass in the air. Mattias reaches for that swollen cock and gently wanks it with one hand as the other rubs over the ass. John’s cock gets very hard as it is wanked. Mattias drips oil onto John’s ass and rubs it in as he continues wanking on that hard cock. The ass looks so good and Mattias takes a vibrator, slipping it into John’s tight hole. He keeps rubbing that stiff cock as the vibrator is deep inside John’s hole.

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Studio Name: William Higgins

Source: New Release

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