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Ambush Massage 41 cover

Ambush Massage 41 cover

Laco Meido is one very sexy guy. In this massage video he walks in and lays on the bed, face down. Filip Cervenka arrives to administer the massage. He kneels on the bed and takes some oil, dripping it onto Laco’s back. His hands then start to work.

Matej Borzik is one very hot guy. He comes in for a massage. He lays down on the sofa bed in just his underwear, as Mattias Solich arrives to massage him. Mattias takes some oil and gets straight to work on Matej’s back. As Matej is totally relaxed, Mattias’s hands work all over the back and then down to the ass. Then Mattias removes Matej’s underwear and his hands glide over that sexy ass as he gets to work on the legs.

Miro Keta is a very hot guy who came in for a massage. Filip Cervenka arrives to massage him as he lays on the bed. Filip takes some oil and gets to work on Miro’s back, rubbing all over it. His hands work on the back and shoulders and onto the arms as well. Then he lowers Miro’s underwear, revealing a lovely, hairy ass. He takes off the underwear and really gets to work on the ass. He moves Miro onto his knees, so that hole is available, as his cock hangs down between his legs.

Jan Franz is such a good looking guy and so sexy too. He is in for a massage and lays on the couch, in only his underwear. Mattias Solich, our sex masseur comes in, also in just his underwear, and gets to work.

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Studio Name: William Higgins

Source: New Release

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